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Steve Lorenzo‘s insight:

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When is the best time (day) to send out e-mails?

Answer by Steve Lorenzo:

The best time to send emails is the same time the newly added subscribers found (and subscribed to) an email list/newsletter.

By segmenting the lists based on subscription time, one could increase engagement (open rates, CTR) N-fold.

Don't forget we live in a Global environment nowadays; English is (more  or less) spoke/wrote/read by many people outside the most obvious  countries and as such, sending a broadcast at 9am US EST may totally  miss the people say… from Singapore!

However, each sender has basically built a list around a certain  subject/topic of interest for their audience – and that is determinant  on which hourly interval to choose to send in the first place.

John Doe may have subscribed at 9pm (his timeline, wherever he lives) on  a Saturday – for a topic related to BBQ – because he just happened to  have hosted one for his friends that weekend.
It doesn't mean that he wouldn't open emails in the morning, during working weekdays…

On top of segmenting based on subscription hour slot, each subscriber should be qualified in different segments based on various other demographic data, whenever possible.

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